SEDANT Foundation Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sedant) was founded in 2000, the headquarter is located in Beijing. After 16 years of growth, a stable business model of “equity investment + industrial operation” with capital operation as the core and industry investment as the engine has been formed, Sedant has achieved the transformation and upgrading of real estate development to diversified investment holding company. Under the forward-looking strategic layout, Sedant has constantly selected target enterprises for investment and actively sought international capital operation. Currently, the domestic business is mainly distributed in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and Yangtze River Delta, the overseas business is mainly distributed in Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong. Sedant has built up four business divisions consisted of financial investment, low-carbon real estate, environmental protection technology, trade and logistics. Thus “Sedant Clique” enterprises cluster begins to take shape. Looking ahead, Sedant will develop into a holding group of global industry investment and operation with financial investment as the core business.


Focusing on International Market, Keeping Leading Position in the Industry driven by Capital

Financial investment group is the important driving engine for strategic investment business of Sedant Holding. We promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional business, facilitate the innovation and growth of enterprise and promote the industrial progress and social development by building financial capital platform. We take the profit model of combining capital with industry as the key point, integrate the international resources and focus on international market and insist on the strategy of “bringing in” and “acquisition”. Besides, based on merger and acquisition of foreign and domestic innovative technology enterprises, we provide the opportunity for using the international capital and absorbing the foreign advanced technical concepts, so we are playing a leading position in the market competition, and has grown into an impeller for private enterprise internationalization.

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  • Langfang SEDANT Foundation Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd

  • Sedant Roba Energy-Saving Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Hebei Flouress Co., Ltd

As the 13th Five-Year Plan is decided, implementing the important strategies of promoting reforms, benefiting the people’s livelihood, stabilizing the economy, adjusting structure etc., gives much more support for Internet, high-end manufacturing, high-end services, high technology policies. The central leading group attempts innovation in regulation which dawns on the 1.4 billion Chinese and brings them hope. As a legal representative of private enterprise, I will resolutely implement the central policies and support the decision-makings and arrangements of central government, insist on operating according to the law and regulation and contribute to the national development and prosperity day by day, attempt to be an innovative legal representative sharing the country’s concerns and solving people’s problems. Sedant Foundation Holding Co., Ltd. has achieved the strategic goals of three five-year plans after 15 years’ development. In order to adapt to the development requirements of international and domestic economic situation, the board of shareholders and board of directors of holding company have recently passed the 4th five-year strategic plan and determined the group development model with environmental and protection technology, financial investment, low-carbon real estate, trade and logistics as main business, put emphasis on supporting the business model leaded by high-tech industry, backed by finance and industrial investment, supported by low-carbon real estate development, with trade and logistics as platform, pinpointed the industrial direction and regional layout, accurately calculated the project benefits, refined cost management, carefully controlled the risk, to achieve the scientific development pattern of complementary advantages, resource sharing and industrial circulation. Every employee of Sedant Holding has a persistent love, promises to take the duty of serving the country. Sedant will strive to donate a Hope Primary School annually in poor areas, in alliance with local government together to achieve the precise donation, to make learning be the motivation for changing children’s fates and achieving their dreams, so that not only the corporate culture promotes its heritage, but also the enterprise makes a hundred years unchanged commitment to the society and practices the value “Thriving on virtue and virtue to the world”. Finally, I wish the national 13th Five-Year Plan a smooth sailing and the diligent and smart people happiness and good health. I also wish Sedant Holding an advancement such as the rising sun, wish good luck and happiness to all the employees and their families home and abroad.

Mr.Wang Xudong

Chairman of Holding Company

Management Team